System Error LED Indicators

System Errors communicated through light pulses on the wired wall switch or the control box

1X. Auto-Lock is Engaged

If the door is closed the system will auto-lock after 1 hour.


2X. Eyeball Sensor Error

The door can not close because something is blocking the eyeball sensors.


3X. Encoder or Current Limit Error.

Encoder failure or door can not retract when the current limit is reached.


4X. Motion Sensor Error

Door can not close because motion is



5X. Battery Error

No batteries Detected

If an error light is flashing reset the system by closing the door, press and hold the Stop button until you get a flashing blue and red lights on the switch.

This should reset the system. If the problem persists call Summit Customer Service: 480.500.5468

O: 480.500.5468  F: 480.597.4117  -  216 S. Alma School Rd, Suite 3, Mesa, AZ 85210
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