Can a homeowner buy a system directly from Summit Automation?

No. We only sell through certified dealer networks. We do not sell directly to homeowners or builders.

Will the automation system lock my doors?

Yes. Our system has a Magnetic Brake that engages every time the door panels are in the closed position.

How do I access the door panels from outside?

We offer a secure keypad for the outside that requires a four digit code to operate the system.


Can I move the panels manually?

Yes. Our system has a magnetic clutch that disengages the drive shaft from the drive pulley to allow you to move the panels with very little resistance.


What happens to the system if the power goes out?

The system has a battery backup to keep the system secure.


How many door panels will the system automate?

Unlimited. Our system is rated for 80 lbs of push/pull.


Can you automate any type of sliding door?

The only limitation we have is the distance between the top of the panels and the head track. We need 3/4 of an inch.


How much room do I need to install an automation system?

  • Pocketing Door System:

  • Panel width plus 10 inches in the pocket.

  • Stacking Door System:

  • The system will typically go into stud bay opposite jamb side.

What is the Power Source needed for the system?

Dedicated 15 amp, 110V (standard outlet, or can be hardwired)


How does the system know if the panels are open or closed?

Our system has a built-in encoder that counts shaft revolutions so the control box always knows where the panels are.


How does the automation system work?

The system works with a belt and pulley system located in the head track.


What is the drive belt made of?

The belt is polyurethane metal stranded timing belt.


Can anyone install the automation system?

No. Only Summit Automation certified installers can install the system or the warranty is void.

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